Flannel! Also cute winter crew socks Thank youuuuu 

I can’t help with the flannel because I’m also looking for a great flannel shirt and it’s so hard to tell what plaid shirts are linen and which are actually flannel. :( But I’ve been told a great place to check is the men’s section in Target!

As for the socks, cant go wrong with J.Crew Camp socks! And for less warm but more cute I love AE socks, like this pair and this set :)

Anonymous asked:
winter jacket thats not super bulky or super expensive? <3 

This one is a great price! But I also think this one is reasonably priced and would be a great investment. Plus I love it in khaki!

Anonymous asked:
Can we ask for things besides clothes? (: I really need a new laptop skin/cover because I have a tiffany blue one but everyone has the same kind and I just want to be a bit different aha 

Sure, I would recommend DecalGirl! You can either make your own or you can find a pre-made one. If you plan on making your own a cool thing to do would be to make a collage out of either personal photos or photos from your tumblr, like this or like how your archive is set up with the white spaces between the photos. I also love this pre-made case! What I like about this site is if you have a macbook you can get a case that still shows the apple logo through :)

Anonymous asked:
hi! i really need a cute bag that will be great for college but i can also use for flights back home. preferably under $100! 

hello :)

I assume for flights you want a carry-on so I’d recommend a cute tote!

All 3 are well under $100, come with a long strap which will be great when running through airports, and I believe they will all fit a laptop but be sure to check the dimensions if thats something you need! :)

Personal Shopper

I feel like online shopping but I’m broke right now soo I thought why not do a bit of searching for other people? :)

Put something in my ask box that you are looking for and I’ll give you some links! You can keep it simple (ie: booties for fall, white button down, etc.) or be specific (ie: inexpensive neutral colored weekender) and I’ll find as many things as possible for you! Anon or not. 

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